My name is Lindsay and I am so glad you found your way to The Detour is the Path. This blog is about my effort to push myself outside my comfort zone through all sorts of different adventures and all the glorious ways it helps open up creativity.  Mostly it makes me want to eat, so I’ll be doing that as well.

The idea was inspired by an incredible 18 mile hiking adventure in the Southern Sierra Mountains (without a trail mind you) with my dog Brody and my incredible boyfriend Brian.  You can read more about it here, but suffice it to say I had never attempted anything like it, nor experienced anything like it before.  I was way outside my comfort zone and it was thrilling.  How could we have gotten so lost, and yet still make it home okay?  How did I just hike 18 miles in running shoes?

Previously, I had been feeling very far from ‘my path’ and my creative career.   But then this wilderness detour happened, and it was such a classic metaphor for my life.  I had been feeling so lost for so long, but had never realized that getting lost is the way to the destination.  I wasn’t lost at all.  I knew how to get to the top of the mountain without a trail, just look up! And I knew how to get back down as well.

It may feel like you are lost, but only because it is new.  No one has taken this path but you.

I invite you to get lost with me, in adventure, in nature, good food and good writing.  I invite you to find yourself.




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